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Home Organizing

We provide personal one on one organizing for any area of your home. You work alongside your professional organizer making decisions, learning skills, and collaborating with our ideas to leave you with the results you want. No space or project is too small or too great. After taking you through a step by step organizing process, you are left with systems and solutions that should help you maintain organization. That is our number one goal.

Office Organizing

Whether your home office is a dedicated room, a corner of your kitchen, or spread around everywhere, we can help. How nice would it be to be able to quickly find that insurance policy  or  car lease agreement when you need it? 

Tired of late fees for various bills? We can help you set up automated payments to simplify your bill paying process, and eliminate those fees.

No need to be overwhelmed by piles of paper, stacks of mail, bills, and other clutter. We can help you set up a well-organized home office center.


Downsizing can be a daunting step. You have made the decision to move to a smaller home, but what to do with the stuff that you have accumulated over a lifetime? You certainly don’t want to discard the memories.  This challenge is practical but also emotional. We understand that.  We can help.

Are you going through a loved one’s things after they have passed?  There can be a lot of emotion and grief, and also some guilt and pressure about what to keep. We will walk through that process with you and help you make good decisions.

Time and Project Management

A key component in having a more orderly and simplified life is having good time management skills. Do you have a hard time moving forward on various projects because you don’t know how to get going? Do you have a “To Do” list that never gets “Done”? Are you a procrastinator? Does that create stress in your life?

Learning some time management skills and project planning skills can transform your ability to efficiently manage your life and reduce your stress level.

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